Sixeco 是一家在汽车行业里的设计咨询集团,具有一定的游戏基因。致力于通过设计,游戏,ARVR的方式来为汽车企业提供服务,并且集团下属还具有多款IPPuff的设计不仅为其母公司梳理里整体的VIS,通过「Speed Line」这一视觉锤,呈现出更清晰的汽车行业专业服务商的形象。也为其旗下联动的子品牌,运用统一的视觉语言进行设计

Sixeco is a design consulting group in the automotive industry. It is committed to providing services for automobile enterprises through design, games, AR and VR. Moreover, the group has a number of IP subsidiaries. The design of Puff not only organizes the overall VIS for its parent company, but also presents a clearer image of a professional service provider in the auto industry through the visual hammer of “Speed Line”. Also use the unified visual language design for its affiliated sub-brands.


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