Micca Brandbook


在烹饪的领域里有着独特的行业洞察,即烹饪这一行为,往往能为消费者带来愉悦的感受。而且在此品类里SKU推陈出新的速度极快。我们根据Pantone的调查报告,为其制定了色彩策略。以及结合Variable Design 的方式,为其制定了多元且包容的VI系统并且通过Handpainting作为其特有的品牌资产。 

Micca is a sub-brand of Midea’s household appliances segment. Based on its insight into the overseas consumer market of small household appliances, new channels have emerged. Committed to creating small kitchen appliances for young consumer groups. The main focus is to provide overseas consumers with “cooking pleasure”. In the field of cooking, there is a unique industry insight, that is, the act of cooking can often bring pleasant feelings to consumers. And in this category, SKU introduces new products very quickly. Based on Pantone’s survey report, we developed a color strategy for it. And combined with Variable Design, a diversified and inclusive VI system was developed for it, and Handpainting was used as its unique brand asset.


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