COLMO主要目标消费者为精英人群。品牌最大的诉求在于「理性」,并且提倡「理性生活美学」,COLMO AIRNEXTCOLMO旗下的EVOLUTION系列高端机型。

作为EVOLUTION系列是COLMO的入门机型。其特有的USP在于「可以升级换代」的模块化功能组装结构我们在设计策略是即在本身COLMO品牌即有的Design Language上做出了一些年轻化的调整,同时又延续了品牌的核心价值。通过「Upgraded Line」的设计语言,统一了综合设计的视觉语言。

COLMO’s main target consumers are elite groups.The biggest appeal of the brand lies in “rationality” and advocates “rational life aesthetics”.The COLMO AIRNEXT is the high-end model of COLMO’s EVOLUTION series.

The EVOLUTION series is COLMO’s entry-level model. Its unique USP is the “upgradable” modular functional assembly structure.Our Design strategy is to make some younger adjustments in the Design Language of our own Brand COLMO.At the same time, it continues the core value of the brand. Through the design language of “Upgrade Line”, the visual language of integrated design is unified.



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