Midea U

North America Launch

Midea U 是美的旗下的一款窗机空调。窗机空调为北美市场因房屋结构老化,而产生的特有空调品种。Midea U因其革命化的U槽结构设计,大幅度的提升了其产品性能。我们为其制定了U shape+Window的视觉锤。同时兼顾了一些时尚元素

Midea U is a window air conditioner owned by Midea.Window machine air conditioning is a unique type of air conditioning in north American market due to the aging of housing structure. Midea U because of its revolutionary U slot structure design, greatly improve the performance of its products. We have formulated the visual hammer U Shape +Window for it. It also has some fashion elements in it


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