Gourmet Master Brandbook

Gournmet Master is a sub-brand of Midea’s household appliances segment. Based on the insight into the overseas consumer market of small home appliances, the rise of new channels. Committed to creating small kitchen appliances for young consumer groups. The main focus is to provide overseas consumers with “cooking pleasure like a chef.” Design aesthetics has become an important asset of the brand itself. Through our research on the aesthetics of global electronic durable consumer goods, And the grasp of design trends. Combine young people on pinterest, Trend reports on the top new life platforms of Ins, Come to create for Gournmet Master in line with the current aesthetic definition of life

Gournmet Master 是美的旗下生活电器板块的子品牌,本着对海外小家电消费市场的洞察,新渠道的兴起。致力于打造针对年轻消费群体的厨房类小家电。主打为海外消费者提供「大厨般的烹饪乐趣」。设计美学在如今,已经成为了品牌本身的重要资产。我们通过对于全球电子耐用消费品美学的研究,以及设计趋势的把握。结合年轻人在pinterestIns上等新型生活平台的趋势报告,来为Gournmet Master打造符合当下生活美学定义


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